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Chronic Pain Specialists

Chronic pain does not have to become a way of life. With a team approach and the correct treatment, pain relief & improved function is possible.

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Congratulations to Zane Smith!
He is now a Board Certified-Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.


Mission Statement:


Our Mission is to inspire, educate and motivate clients and the community by promoting healing in an individualized, results driven, patient centered environment which fosters integrity and respect.



Physical Therapy Vancouver WA

Timberline Physical Therapy is focused on specialized, patient-centered care for all orthopedic conditions and injuries.


Our clinic is conveniently located off Interstate 205 and Mill Plain in Vancouver, WA. We have a fully equipped gym space and private treatment rooms. Our clinic is equipped with state of art equipment to aid in your rehabilitation process. We also have a staff of highly trained and experienced therapists to provide the highest level of patient centered care available in Southwest Washington. We work with the patient to educate them on the mechanism of injury and their contribution to the plan of care in order to not only return to functional lifestyle but also prevent re-occurrences. Emphasis is placed on early and safe return to normal activities including work, athletics, and school.


Beyond your expectations

Physical therapy is all about addressing specific rehabilitation needs. First, we identify the source of limitation or pain, while taking the time to educate you on the diagnosis, prognosis, and plan. Then we develop a customized treatment program where we can work together to restore as much of your function as possible.

Who benefits from Physical Therapy?

To put it simply – anyone suffering from pain or limitations in their function. Maybe your lower back hurts. Or the bottom of your feet always seems to bother you. Almost all injuries, no matter the cause – household, recreational, overuse – can be addressed through a physical therapy program. Here are some specific cases where a physical therapy can be especially useful.

  •  Post-operative patients who need to regain muscle strength and coordination
  •  Athletes who are recovering from injuries (as well as those trying to prevent injury)
  •  Accident victims of car crashes, job-related mishaps, etc.
  •  Employees who are returning to work after an injury
  •  People with arthritis who seek pain relief and increased joint motion
  •  Cancer patients who need to increase strength and function
  •  Pregnant women who develop back pain and other muscular or joint problems due to pregnancy

What do Physical Therapists do?

Much like your other doctors, a physical therapist is a skilled, licensed healthcare professional. In fact, physical therapy is now a clinical Doctorate program. A physical therapist’s focus and expertise is on your body’s movement systems. Our goal is to restore or maintain your strength, mobility and function. We do so by using what’s called a dynamic approach, which combines functional exercise and manual techniques. If you want to get technical, here are some of the methods we may use in your treatment after a thorough assessment of your condition.

  •  Guided therapeutic activities and exercises
  •  Re-education of muscle
  •  Manual therapies: mobilization of the joints and soft tissues
  •  Individualized home exercise program
  •  Reconditioning programs
  •  Modalities to reduce pain and/or swelling when necessary

We also know that some rehabilitation plans call for unique approaches. That’s why we have highly trained therapists that offer a multitude of treatment options to address the individual patient with a truly personalized Physical Therapy program.


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